Demon-cratic : Talking Cock 30th May 2015

As the old saying goes, 'A lie told often enough becomes the truth'.

Upon the death of the old rooster who has ruled with an iron-fist, the young cock hurriedly spun up a tall tale about how the entire farm owes its existence to his father. He ordered his cronies to repeat it day and night, endlessly and shamelessly, in every place and everywhere, hoping that the animals that his father has declared to be daft will continue to believe him.

Despite the ever-worsening living conditions at the farm, many started to buy into his propaganda and began to feel grateful to the old fowl, evil as he is. The dwindling amount of available feeds, the deteriorating conditions of the shacks, the increased stress due to overcrowding, all forgotten.

It remains to be seen if enough of the animals will remain daft enough to buy into his fear-mongering. Will they continue to give him another 5 years of unlimited power to rule over every aspect of their lives with impunity? Or will they kick him out to put an end to all his nonsense?

Afterall, with or without him, the sun will rise every day.

Talking Cock - Demon-cratic
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