Demon-cratic : Mudslinging 8th June 2015

'The only way some people can look good, is to make others look bad.' ~ unknown

For 5 decades under the terror of the now dead Leech King, the white blight has spread as far as the eyes can see, consuming and eliminating everything good and honest in its destructive path. Most of the realm has long fallen, and the last remaining stronghold of free men, lies somewhere in the north under the watchful eyes of the blue guardians.

For years, the brave men and women of the blue land has resisted the conquest of the Leech King and his powerful armies. They are the last of their kind and all seem so hopeless. That is, till 5 years ago. With the Leech King growing old and feeble, the people from the lands neighbouring the blue land found courage to join with their brave brethens of the blue. Together, they successfully wrested control of their land from the evil Leech King, despite his threat for them to "repent"! Hopes then began spreading forth throughout the realm with that victory.

However, even with their victory, their lives have not been easy. For the evil whites continuously devise means and ways to blockade their supplies and interrupt their livelihoods. Sinister spies and treacherous minions who call themselves grassloots, slipped into the blue land, conducting nefarious convert operations, spreading lies and propaganda on a daily basis.

A couple of years later, the Leech King finally passed into the netherworld. With his death, the power now lies in the hands of his pink scion, who many suspect is hopelessly clueless about the fine art of balanced governing. The awaken slaves under the control of the evil white lords start whispering among themselves, trying to rouse those who have long resigned to their accursed fate, to mount one last fight. 'The Leech King may be evil, but at least we got fed', the slaves murmured. They must break themselves free from even more repressive tyranny.

The pink overlord, the one they called Pinky, terrified of his impending fall from power now that his much feared father is gone, began a campaign to cleanse the land of the blue. He must. He have to. For even among his obscenely paid minions, there have been doubts about his ability to lead them to greater glory. If all it takes is for his father to be cruel and vindictive to dominate a nation to his will, so too can he, be even crueler and much more revengeful! He must put on a strong show to show that he is the man, the one in charge, even if it mean sacrificing countless slaves and minions in the process. They are afterall, mere digits for his economic machinery. All easily repaceable as long as he keeps the immigration floodgate open to more willing foreign slaves and dangling millions from the people's blood money to reward anyone willing to sell him their souls.

And so, he called forth his trusted Malicious N Destructive (MND) lieutenants and other mecenaries such as the Sinful Propaganda Harlots (SPH). A campaign was launched, to sling as much infected mud as possible into the blue land. Upon contact with the infected mud, anyone who is still daft enough will easily fall under the subjugation and influence of his white propaganda. It will then be easy to use them to fight against the blue guardians in the final battle.

The question is, are the slaves still daft enough to allow him to succeed with his dirty tricks?

Mudslinging - Demon-cratic
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