Demon-cratic : A Different Kind of Foreign 'Talents' 21st June 2015

'Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell' ~ Edward Abbey

Some fascist regimes are behaving like cancel cells, fixated with growing their GDP (especially when their bonuses are linked to the GDP and they owned majority of the companies) at the expense of everything else, by opening the immigration floodgate to immigrants of all kinds even when there are obviously insufficient public infrastructures to support the sudden population increase.

With the apparent shortage of hospital beds even during normal time, what will happen when an epidemic strikes? What if there is a repeat of SARS or the now trendy MERS? In densely populated cities, it was never a question of if, but when.

Would they view it as an excellent income opportunity, to milk every possible cents from the populace unfortunate enough to be afflicted?

Would they start a bidding system, where the highest bidder gets a bed and the care needed, while those who are "less meritocratic" in their pocket department get tossed to quarantine zones on some offshore islands to await their expiry?

Would they even care about anyone else beside themselves and their cronies, since it is already very obvious that only profits matter to them, and not the people?

Cured or dead, the peasants' medical bills will be demanded and collected, the profits have to be earned, the shareholders have to get their dividends, never mind what the peasants think. More foreigners can always be imported to replace the unfortunate locals who died.

And why should they care? It is the people who have voted for them to grow at all cost and they are delivering precisely such a system. Does it even matter if all the local-born peasants die out? Nope. There is neither law, nor rule, nor moral obligation of any kind to mandate that the economy machineries must only be operated by the local-born peasants. Hey, it is a meritocratic system. Even if foreigners with fake degrees can show that they can do (or pretend to be able to do) the job, they get the job.

In fact, local peasants are becoming more and more of a liablity as each day passes. One less local peasant means one less person with voting rights to kick them out of power. Wow! Imagine a country without a single local peasant left. They can stay in power forever! So long as the economy wheels keep running, even if 100% operated by foreigners with no voting rights, who cares as long as the profits keep coming in, right?

You die your problem. Isn't that nice?

A Different Kind of Foreign 'Talents' - Demon-cratic
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